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Children Embracing in Circle


Welcome Moms

From the moment you became a Mom, you became a World Changer!  Your focus and purpose shifted from "self" and "personal" to making a world that would be better for your children and all children everywhere. You don't claim to be perfect, but you strive to make a lasting impact in the children you are raising and/or work with in some way.

Moms of all Types

Whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work- from-home mom, a single mom, special needs mom, stepmom, empty nester mom, mentor mom or "mom again" grand-mom, and everything in between you will find support here to keep being the best mom you can be!


Kids of all Types
Kids come in all shapes and sorts, don't they?!? Our children change the world, too, beginning with OUR world as their moms. So whether your child is neuro-typical or neuro-diverse, "Mom-ming" is the greatest blessing and the hardest job we have. Finding our "tribe" is hugely important to finding success....and you have found it here at Moms Changing the World... one CHILD at a time, one DAY at a time.

Image by Thiago Cerqueira
Mother and Son


Get to know the host, Ekua Walker, NP by interview with her own mom!  Find out how the little wide-eyed four-year-old girl from Ghana who landed in L.A. (a fan of playing mommy with her dolls back then) grew up to be a Mom of 2 amazing girls, wife to an incredible husband, sister, friend, AmeriCorps volunteer, Health Educator, Nurse Practitioner, Parent Coach, group fitness instructor, ministry leader, Children's choir director and C.E.O.- Chief Encouragement Officer of Moms who are changing the world!

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