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Welcome to Moms Changing the World Podcast, where moms of all kinds around the world find encouragement, tools and inspiration to keep raising World Changers- one child at a time, one day at time!  Hosted by Ekua Walker, Nurse Practitioner and C.E.O. - Chief Encouragement Officer - bringing you the best interviews, tips, and mindfulness strategies for being your best, even when life is a mess. Despite it all, together we are MOMS CHANGING THE WORLD!

In each episode, you will find interviews from Moms and women who are leaving their mark on the world. We discuss topics, tips and strategies that will lift you up your Mom "battery".  There may be time for meditation to recharge your spirit and lots of fun to recharge your soul.  Tell your mom friend about the podcast, sit down, fold some laundry and get ready to enjoy!


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