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Here are some causes we believe are changing the world:


Adwoa Adu Acquah- Donate to Pockets of Promise for children in Ghana, Uganda and India

Shop as advocacy to support equity, economy and environment :

Kai Nortey- Non-dairy Ice Cream | United States | Kubé Nice Cream (

Here are ways to support our guests as they change the world:


For more information about Sophia Blankson's children’s book “My Sister, My Friend” and more, go to

JaNay Brown-Wood has two children's books and a contribution to a book of poetry. 

Grandma's Tiny House: A Counting Story! (2017, Charlesbridge Publishing Inc.)

Imani's Moon (2014, Charlesbridge Publishing Inc.)

Tricia Blackford is an author of three books to help those living cross-culturally, sharing prayer with children and adults, and coping when a partner travels for work.

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